Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Censorship, bah!

As an unofficial but nevertheless loudmouthed representative of the "Arab Street", I demand that the Egyptian censorship board immediately revoke its unjust banning of the film "The Matrix Reloaded". It's pointless anyway, since everyone will find a way to watch the movie somehow, and the banning has probably generated more public interest now.

In olden times, when our all-wise, all-seeing censor-nanny-idiots, in their infinite and unquestionable wisdom, banned a movie or musical group, we had to grin and bear it till a friend brought over a tape from the USA or Europe. But in the year 2003, we unjustly deprived citizens have a useful (and obvious) weapon against the tyranny of Mubarak's culture-repressing stooges: broadband Internet. Of course not everyone has a fast connection, but there are enough people with DSL and satellite connections to produce more than enough high-res DVD-rips to go round. Yep, I admit it, we Egyptians are all insufferable pirates. I did it, I did it ya hear me, an' I'm glad!

Note to Censor: I hope that you don't sleep, I hope you lose your appetite at the unthinkable prospect of Egyptians in their millions downloading "The Matrix Reloaded" off the net. We will watch it, oh yes, we will. And like the photocopier and printing press helped revolutionaries of old, we will use Kazaa and other file-sharing software to obtain the cultural freedom that is our birthright. Viva la revolucion!

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