Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Egyptian-Israeli conspiracy to... huh?

Here we have a motley crew of negotiators involved in complicated shenanigans with unfathomable motives: The head of Egyptian intelligence went to Israel, supposedly to make the Israelis talk with Hamas. Today it surfaces that he took along a radical Egyptian preacher (Qaradawi), known in Egypt for his anti-government stance and for his firy performances on Al-Jazeera (One of the reasons Al-Jazeera is so unpopular with Egyptian officials), and somehow got him to convince Hamas leaders to agree to a truce with the Zionists, which will supposedly be announced next week in Cairo, after a partial Israeli troop redeployment. In the meantime Ariel Sharon made a statement in the Knesset promising dedication to the "peace process" while also pledging an all-out offensive against "terror". How does one pledge peace and promise war simultaeneously? Understandably, the Knesset was also confused, and hence divided in its vote, 57 in favor, 42 against.

Obviously everyone knows that neither Hamas nor Sharon will hold true to their word, either or both sides will inevitably blow something up and kill some innocent bystanders in the name of their respective holy causes, and all this is one big spectacular farce... But for which audience? It seems to me that for some reason, both the Israeli and the Egyptian governments are equally disinterested in peace, but are nevertheless doing their best to impress the Americans with their pretend pro-peace efforts. Since Hamas can be always be relied on to blow something up and spoil any truce, and Israel will always find ways to play provocateur in the occupied territories and force the Hamas terror hand, nobody should worry about any unwanted changes to the status quo or adherence to any troublesome truces.

I fully understand Israel's dastardly motives in derailing any peace initiatives, and I even recognise the even dastardlier motives of Hamas to do the same. However I'm having trouble understanding what is driving the Egyptian government to partake in this kind of evil opera. And what on earth is Qaradawi doing there, playing diplomat for the government?? Damn all of their mustaches to hell.
Note: This post has been edited to remove inaccuracies.