Saturday, June 28, 2003

Fear and loathing in the blogosphere..

Salam Pax announced today that an Iraqi woman called Zainab has started her own blog, and by his endorsement instantly propelled her to fame and misfortune. I say misfortune because Zainab's first post started with the probably heartfelt, yet rather inflammatory words:
"I know that one day there will be a great revolution against the Americans and now we have the first seeds of that revolution"
I'm sure Zainab had no idea just how hateful people can be, no idea how much purely racist nastiness is to be found out there. I'm sure that when she wrote those words she didn't realise she would be subject to trolling comments by dozens of slimebags who have nothing to do but jump at any opportunity to spout racism and demagoguery. Zainab is an Iraqi, who probably witnessed untold horrors during the American invasion. Her country is now under American military occupation. If anyone in the world has the right to criticise the American invasion and occupation of Iraq, she does!

A note to those who mindlessly attacked Zainab for her honesty: We don't care if you don't approve of our command of English, or if you think that only white neo-conservative Americans ought to be allowed to express their opinions. We won't allow you to tell us what we should or shouldn't write. We don't care if you are so enslaved by your media that you can't fathom someone not toeing your party line.

The funniest comments of all were those suggesting that Zainab keep away from politics and follow Salam Pax's lead of "just telling us what you see". Excuse me you BLITHERING IDIOTS, but Zainab will write whatever the hell she pleases. And if today she has a hankering for a little ranting rhetoric against American imperialism, then I say Bravo!

How stupid does someone have to be to insist that the Americans are in Iraq for the sole noble purpose of helping the Iraqis become "free", while in the same breath make demands about what an Iraqi should or shouldn't write in his or her blog?