Monday, June 16, 2003

Lectures from the Elders

Last night, in Mecca of all places, members of a terrorist cell evaded a police checkpoint, got into a high-speed, guns-blazing car chase, and finally had an all-night shootout with the police from their hideout. When the smoke settled, at least 10 people were dead from both sides, and the surviving militants had been captured. The fact that this happened in Mecca was the subject of some discussion at the cafe today. That is, until some senile old farts got into the conversation.

I personally think (and said as much to my peers) that it is a good thing that Al-Qaeda should strike in places like Saudi, since the retarded people there who sit around heaping praise on the heroic Al-Qaeda freedom fighters can actually get a first-hand look at what charming boys the fanatics really are.

At this point I got subjected to one of those rambling, long, inconclusive tirades that my dad likes to give, first ranting about how those terrorists should never have stepped into Mecca, but then going on and on about how muslims are opressed everywhere, how one can't lump all groups into one basket, how some of those so-called terrorists are actually freedom fighters, blah blah blah. Somewhere during my respectful attendance of this ad-hoc lecture, I tuned out completely and started hatching plans to make this blog, so I don't remember much more, other than by the time I got up to leave the discussion had digressed to Egyptian history, and what little I heard showed me that our education system wasn't any better in the fifties and sixties than it is now..