Thursday, July 03, 2003

Anti-government ECM

This story is actually a few months old, however I just remembered it now and thought it would be worth ranting about here. After the terrible Luxor tourist massacre in 1997, the wise and illustrious GOE (gov. of Egypt) undertook a wide scope of security measures across the country. GOE officials, being the evil, money-grubbing sweetheart economists that they all are, naturally had to find some way to profit from all the activity and spending that was going on, and so they came up with a crude, yet ingenious method: Force businesses to buy stuff from GOE-approved companies. And so it happened that every hotel in the land was required to purchase walk-through metal detectors and security camera systems from a certain GOE-approved company, or else face the bureaucratic music. Multiply x (profit per unit) by y (number of hotels in Egypt) and you will get an idea of the bucks thus nefariously earned by our glorious leadership.

Six years on, they seem to have run out of customers for the metal detectors, because they are proposing a new mandatory "security upgrade": Every toursim-registered vehicle or vessel must be equipped with GPS tracking equipment, again provided by a single, GOE-approved company. Vehicles lacking the properly sanctioned and licensed equipment will not have their registrations renewed. Supposedly the GOE will build an enormous high-tech room filled with gadgetry that will allow the continuous tracking of every tourist vehicle or vessel, thus apparently increasing everyone's safety. Something tells me that the GPS hardware is going to be even more exhorbitantly priced than the metal detectors were.

In my humble opinion, metal detectors and GPS trackers aren't going to help in the fight against extremists and terrorists, unless by defeating terror you mean lining the pockets of oligarchs like Alaa Mubarak & co. (in case you don't know, Alaa is Hosni's capitalist swine of a son).

In a desperate, yet forceful cry of protest against the rampant nepotism of the GOE, I'm going to go ahead and post a link to this article in Phrack magazine, issue #60, which details the do-it-yourself construction of a powerful GPS jammer. And especially for the occasion, I'm going to coin a new phrase for my fellow revolutionaries: "Freedom CAN be won by the flip of a switch."