Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Hamas goes international

Just in time for all the diplomatic shenanigans going on, The Hamas (Palestine Info) website is back online, with multiple servers in different countries, serving the site in an Al-Qaeda-esque array of languages (Persian, Urdu, Arabic, Malawi, Russian, and English). I wonder if American & Israeli script-kiddies will be able to take the site(s) down with DOS attacks this time.

The site has undergone a radical change, providing a more mainstream face to Hamas. One interesting point worth noting is that the site doesn't actually mention the fact that it belongs to Hamas, although almost every other news article praises Hamas in some way. Nevertheless, the new site is pretty informative, and doesn't take ages to download like the old site did. I'm almost tempted to move the link from the "freaky Arab propaganda" section, but choose to side with caution, and see what happens.