Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Mind your language, Salam!

Although I most definately count myself among the many admirers of Salam Pax, and applauded his resilience in maintaining his blog before and during the American invasion of Iraq, I have to say that his recent posts are, well, to use one of his favourite words, SHIT!

Salam has demonstrated passable writing skills in the past, but unfortunately he seems to have recently developed a liking for bad language. His last post about the UN headquarters bombing contains at least five swear words, which for me at least kind of distracted my attention from what he was writing about. Of course it's his right to use the F-word whenever he wants, but it's also my right to express my distaste at his pointless use of foul language.

Salam in general is a bit of a weirdo and in no way should be considered representative of the Iraqi people. He's not religious, He spent a large part of his life away from Iraq, and according to some reports he's openly gay. He's bound to be quite westernised in his thinking and as such he is being dishonest when he pretends to speak on behalf of Iraqis. The actions of the Iraqi resistance are being met with support across the Arab world, including Iraq. However reading Salam's posts gives the opposite (false) impression.

Salam ended his last post with a poignant question: "do we have a future? is this country going to be hijacked by shit extremists who want to prove a point?"

The answer, Salam, is simple, and doesn't require foul language. Iraq has already been hijacked by extremists, not from Iraq, but rather from Washington.