Wednesday, August 20, 2003

UN defeated, withdraws from Iraq

kaboom...If the intention of those responsible for yesterday's bombing of the UN in Iraq was to force the UN to withdraw, then they can rejoice - the UN is evacuating its entire staff and closing its mission in Baghdad. I say hooray, because after all it has "done for Iraq", the UN had no business to be there.

Here in the Arab world, the UN is not viewed as a benevolent, impartial organisation acting in the interests of all. It is rather viewed as an elitist club which due to its domination by permanent security council members, serves only the interests of those powers and their allies. In particular, the UN is viewed as being subjigated to American will. Even before the unilateral decision by the USA and UK to invade Iraq, there were the crooked UNSCOM inspections of Iraq by the UN's Richard Butler (who later joined the shady Council on Foreign relations). And of course in Arab eyes, the UN has been nothing more than an American tool in its terror war and its invasion of Iraq.

The western TV channels are all weeping over the loss of the wonderful Sergio Vierio Di Mello, and suddenly millions of people who had never heard of him are now mourning the loss of this person, who was "so important to the restoration of Iraq". I even had friends calling me from Germany yesterday, demanding my opinion, expressing their outrage at this fellow's death. It's funny how I wasn't inundated with dismayed calls while Iraqis were being roasted alive by American napalm and air-fuel bombs, and blasted with depleted uranium bullets. Nobody wanted my opinion when Iraqi families were being shredded to pieces at checkpoints by Bradley fighting vehicles.

I don't want to sound callous, but excepting perhaps journalists and red cross workers, I really don't care about any khawaga (foreigner) who dies in Iraq. I don't care if they are bombed, shot, stabbed, or tortured to death. None of them have any business there, other than to share in the spoils of war. Unless they are part of the resistance, foreigners have no business to be in Iraq.

All this horsepucky and propaganda that is now surrounding this attack is distracting from the main fact: Iraq was recently subject to an unprovoked military invasion, in which thousands of Iraqis were murdered. Iraq is now subject to continuing opression by American occupying forces, and thousands of Iraqis have been arrested, beaten, shot, or otherwise abused. The appearance of a paramilitary resistance force was inevitable, and it doesn't matter how many times Little Bush calls them terrorists, they'll still receive support from most Iraqis, and from Arabs abroad.

What did the UN do to stop all of this? NOTHING. Did the UN help the Iraqi people? NO. Will the UN make the Americans leave? NOPE. Will the UN prevent the plunder of Iraq's resources by American companies? NO WAY JOSE!

So don't expect us to join everyone else in crying over Sergio Vierio Di Mello. We're sure he was a good guy, but the fact is that he and his colleagues had no business to be in Iraq. Down to the foreign occupiers, and long live the resistance!