Thursday, September 18, 2003


What should we Arab peasants say to our sharmoota governments when, not only do they accept the American occupational puppet regime in Iraq into the Arab League, they try to get it accepted into OPEC, only to be rejected, not as would be expected by the Arab nations, but by Venezuela, on the grounds that the Iraqi government represented a "foreign occupier"?!!!!!! I mean, has someone in the Arab power elite got their priorities a little skewed? I hope that the Venezuelans take it one step further and publicly humiliate the Arab representatives for not taking a stand.

I mean, of all the outrageous, infuriating, treacherous, traitorous acts, how could Arab leaders accept this American puppet regime into the fold? How about a little solidarity?! I mean it won't kill us! ... Bah! Damn their moustaches to hell. When one day the Iraqi people rid themselves of the American imperial yoke that now strangles them, it will be interesting to watch how they express their gratitude to their Arab brethren for such "support".