Saturday, September 13, 2003


Today I received an email from which (incomprehensibly), after analyzing my past purchases decided that I absolutely must buy the books listed below. Honestly, does anyone think that my Amazon purchase history could conceivably cause their customer analysis engine to decide that I wanted to read these retarded propaganda manuals? Welcome to

The case for Israel "The Case For Israel", abbreviation: "Israel good, Arabs Bad".

The New Anti-Semitism "The New Anti-Semitism", abbreviation: Everyone STILL Hates Jews..

Sleeping with the Devil "Sleeping with the Devil", abbreviation: Saudi Arabia VERY BAD!

The Crisis of Islam"The Crisis of Islam", abbreviation: Islam SUPER-DOOPER BAD!!

Emails to staff asking if there was a "No Zionist literature" button available on my personal Amazon account have gone unanswered so far.