Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Arab Street blues..

I've been laid out sick with a cold for the past several days, and been too zonked out to do anything productive. Instead I've been lying on my couch, aimlessly surfing the net and watching much too much television. I know I should be sleeping or reading a good book but neither activity seems to be working for me.

As if on cue, TV Land is showing CSI from the very beginning, which is fun, but the channel that I am watching more and more is the Paramount Comedy Channel. My favourite shows:

- Futurama: Outrageous sci-fi cartoon. I love the beer-guzzling robot.
- Third rock from the sun: It's ridiculous, I know, but John Lithgow always squeezes the laughs out of me, without fail.
- The Drew Carey show: I don't what it is about this show that tickles me so, but it does.
- That 70's show: I laughed till I cried, then cried some more when it ended. The re-runs still crack me up, though.

As for Arabic television channels, the answer is no, I hardly ever watch them, unless I happen on one of the old Egyptian movies (pre 1966). And the Arabic news channels are even more depressing to watch than the western ones.