Wednesday, September 10, 2003

A bit about the Bum...

I suppose some may have noticed that I haven't really been faithful to the declared purpose of this site, namely to provide an insight into the mind of the typical Arab Joe in light of constantly developing world events. I guess that I am a little individualistic and perhaps egoistic to be faithfully representative of any society, let alone my own. In the interests of clearing up any questions along the line of "who the hell do I think I am to talk", and perhaps to serve my ego just a little bit, I've decided to introduce you to Arab Street Bum; who is he? What does he do? etc...

As an individual I can't possibly claim to be fully representative of the diverse and multi-faceted sociosphere that is the "Arab Street" (yes, I know that sociosphere isn't a real word, I invented it just now). That's why I choose to call myself the Arab Street Bum, because I have no right to making any claims of representing anyone (and for that matter, neither does anyone else). So the very act of making this blog makes me a nothing, just an outcast, someone who instead of choosing to accept life as it is and join the sheeple in repeating the same things and doing the same things over and over again, decides to stand up on this silly virtual soap box and spout his unwanted, un-asked for opinion about Life, the Universe, and Everything.

As far as whether or not I am in any way representative of Arabs, that's for you to decide. I am 30 years old, Egyptian, male, married, with one daughter. Though I believe in God and consider myself a Muslim, I am not particularly preoccupied by religion. I'm not from a poor family, and I am lucky enough to have my own house, car, and business. Like most Arab bloggers, I lived a large part of my life overseas. Like most middle and upper-class Egyptians, I am multi-lingual, though I myself speak five languages fluently (English, Arabic, German, Croatian, and Russian). I have a BA in journalism, though I don't work as a journalist (nor, other than to update this blog, do I intend to).

I suppose it would be dishonest for me not to mention certain things that are definately not typical of the mythical average Arab Joe. Both my mother and my wife aren't Egyptian. My parents are divorced (not very common here). I wasn't born in Egypt. I hold three nationalities. In the 1990's, my mother's country became a war-zone, and I travelled there and participated in fighting for about a year. I was in a specialised anti-tank platoon. It was quite an experience.

I hope that you feel you've gotten to know the Arab Street Bum a little better. If I've only confused you, I am sorry. Anyway, thanks for your attention, it's always entertaining for the ego to talk about oneself, even when you have to remain incognito. I'll try not to make a habit of it.

UPDATE: Oh, and I love scuba-diving. I've been diving in the Red Sea since I was 13.