Friday, September 19, 2003

Iraqi resistance launches offensive

Flames of a fake victoryAs Isabel ravages the Eastern United States, it is perhaps fitting that a "hurricane" of Iraqi resistance attacks has produced up to 16 American KIA or more on thursday.

First, up to eight American soldiers or even more were killed when their convoy was caught in a sophisticated, multi-stage Iraqi ambush near Khalidiya. A Humvee troop transport truck in the convoy was destroyed by a mine and caught fire, and American soldiers came under fire while attempting to retrieve the dead and injured. When the convoy attempted to escape down the road, it was hit 500 meters further on by multiple RPG-7 projectiles, with at least one more vehicle destroyed. At the same time, in a possible diversion, a large explosion was heard from inside an American base in the area (though no information about casualties there is available). Shortly afterwards, there was apparently a second, similar ambush on another American convoy, resulting in another two vehicles destroyed, about 15KM away. According to witnesses, the combat area was too hot for medevac helicopters to land until hours later, when tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles arrived to clear the area. Journalists attempting to reach the combat zone were shot at and threatened by American troops and tanks. The US occupation forces command in Baghdad said it had no immediate report of the incident (yeah, right).

To add insult to injury, four more American soldiers were killed later on while on patrol in Falujja. Some reports indicate it might have been a revenge attack for yesterday's murderous American attack on a wedding in Falujja which killed an Iraqi teenager and wounded four others.

The US occupation forces command refused to report on these incidents but reported casualties in at least one other attack in Ramadi. According to unconfirmed reports, there have been at least several other combat engagements on Thursday in Iraq. Additionally, the main oil pipeline between Iraq and Turkey was blown up by saboteurs, resulting in a large fire near the northern city of Bayji.

In other news: there has been no new information released on the eight westerners who were detained on Wednesday by the Americans under suspicion of participating in combat resistance against occupation forces.

UPDATE: Fox News reports that another three occupation troops were killed Thursday evening by a resistance ambush on the outskirts of Tikrit.