Sunday, September 07, 2003

Latest Zionist provocation

fargin bastiges...Sharon's gang is wasting no time in exploiting the latest "cease-peace". Just as the zionists claim that Palestinians exploit cease-fires to regroup and re-arm, the Israelis can always be relied upon to exploit crises, executing massive settlement actions and sending the IDF on orgies of death and destruction in the occupied territories.

It seems that the zionists want this crisis to last. Today, in an obvious act of provocation, they attempted to assassinate none other than Hamas' Numero Uno Uncho, Shiekh Ahmed Yassin. Predictably, Hamas gave its Qassam brigades the green light to go to town with attacks on Israeli targets. I'm sure however that the brainwashed western masses will fail to see the connection when the next bombing or sniper attack kills some more Israelis. And I wonder what will happen if the Israelis are successful in their next attempt on Yassin's life.