Thursday, September 25, 2003

Rise, O Anti-Bush!

Oi vey! fuhgedaboudit...As the killing and mayhem continues in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, as the lies of Little Bush and his cronies are exposed to the world, and as more and more Americans begin to be vaguely aware of the depth of their deception, the present American regime will inevitably fall. With sadness I predict, that out of the ashes of the ultimately doomed administration of Little Bush, will rise a new and infinately more horrifying American imperialist regime, under the leadership of the honorable Rabbi's son, General Wesley Clark. Yes, believe it or not, the American people are *that* gullible. The Bush-ites will be exposed as frauds, yet after an infitesimal instant of respite, less than a heartbeat later, the next mass deception, leading to yet more war-mongering and bloodshed, will commence.

The general started his anti-bush campaign in true "shock and awe" style, criticising Little Bush's supposed plan for war against no less than *seven countries* as an obviously Bad Thing (Never mind that Little Bush never announced such a plan. Let the General make his point!). After the Iraqi campaign, a new war against Syria is alledgedly in the works. After Syria is conquered, Little Bush will lead America into glorious battle against Lebanon, Lybia, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan. This imaginary plan is obviously ridiculous, and impossible. It shows just how sick the schweinehunde Bush-ites are! And what further admonitions do you have to add, praytell, Herr General?

"We obviously should be paying more attention to the REAL sources of terrorism, namely Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and EGYPT." - says this new beacon of imperial patriotism.

What can I possibly say about this that doesn't come off as defiant, arrogant, contrarian, or whatever?

I am suddenly reminded vaguely of the words of everyone's favourite superhero, President Bush: "Bring it on".