Saturday, September 20, 2003

Survivor VII...

If it wasn't for this late night re-run I would have missed the first episode of Survivor 7 (shock, horror). The first episode is always fun; the initial pathetic running around, excited squealing, strutting, flirting, and bitching of the disoriented players always amuses me, despite my moral and ideological misgivings about the show and reality shows like it. Yep, even Survivor doesn't escape discussion on the Arab Street!

Some quick comments on the first episode:

1 - I like the pirate's theme of this season, I'm expecting a lot of cool pirates-themed props and games. The immunity idol is downright satanic, though..

2 - They've really assembled some fools this time, some stupid ones too, And what was up with those three nincompoops trying to run the challenge while butt-naked in front of everyone? Were they trying to scare the other tribe away?

3 - Plenty of fish and crab on these islands, so I hope we won't be watching this bunch of fools starving and eating rats, etc.

4 - My favourite player so far is Rupert from Drake tribe (probably the most "real" person in the game and the only entertaining one) and my least favourite is Osten of Morgan tribe (Osten is a strutting monkey, a total ape who is disgustingly infatuated with himself. And he can't even keep is arse covered).

5 - No, I won't turn this blog into a survivor fan site. I am not a survivor freak.