Wednesday, October 29, 2003

disappearing comments ...

Blogspeak has misplaced thousands of comments accross its system, among them some of the more recent comments on this site. So if your comment is missing, rest assured I probably didn't delete it :)

Monday, October 27, 2003

Arab Street files accused of homophobia!

Being busy recently with that obscure sport called "work", I've not been blogging at all, to the point that I didn't (until today) even notice Issandr's vociferous condemnation of my post below about the plight of Egypt's unfortunate gay population, and their ongoing persecution by police.

While I can understand how my usage of words such as "bum-slappers" may be portrayed by some as "sickeningly homophobic" (grin), I think that Issandr misunderstands my position regarding the government's anti-gay smackdowns. The police actions targetting gays receive a lot of attention in the west ONLY because the victims are gay. I'm not rejoicing in the police's persecution of homosexuals, but neither do I see it as necessary to single such police actions out for extra-special attention. So a few dozen allegedly gay men were arrested and abused by the police and forced to sign bullshit confessions. It's tragic, isn't it? Of course it is, but let me point out that a similar fate or worse has befallen countless thousands of men and women who have over the years been randomly picked up and similarly mistreated by police in this country, for all sorts of bogus reasons, usually just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The whole population is being terrorised by police goons, not just the gays! Whether driving on an empty highway and running a gauntlet of traffic radars which would be better employed elsewhere, or going to "vote" in the presidential referendums (at the police station), or riding an intercity bus and getting hauled out at some godforsaken checkpoint in the desert and held for no reason, All Egyptians have experienced or witnessed minor and major acts of government opression. We're all victims, and I wish more of us were standing up to The Man, and fighting for our rights, rather than bending the knee to our authoritarian masters.

So when I say I don't much care about the fate of a few arse-bandits, try not to read too much into it, and of course my apologies to those offended at my language(except the actual gays, they can all kiss my virgin unshaved ass, in their dreams anyway).

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Where's the bum?

I'm sorry for not posting recently, rumors of my death have been greatly exagerrated, and I'm alive and well (thanks to those who asked!). I've simply been caught up with work and some personal schtuff which is eating up my blogging time. I will try to post something of more substance soon.

My congratulations to the people of China, for their country's successful manned space mission! What's with this "taikonaut" name dreamed up by western media? I suppose the first Arab space traveller will be referred to as a hajji-naut...