Saturday, November 08, 2003

More blood on Mubarak's hands

This article on Al-Jazeera reports the death by torture of Saad Sayyid Muhammad Qutb, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The presently outlawed Muslim Brotherhood is one of Egypt's oldest political parties, having existed since 1928. It is very popular and represents the only real threat to the Mubarak Mafia, and hence has been banned and had many members jailed and tortured. Some brotherhood members have languished in concentration camps and prisons for many years.

There is very little sympathy for these victims of government terror in western nations, because the name "Muslim Brotherhood" conjurs up images of suicide bombers and hijackers, yet little do most people know, this party calls for dialog and hopes for the *peaceful* establishment of an Islamic state. Many of the men now languishing in jail (without formal charges in most cases) are doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other upstanding members of society.

I may not agree with the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, but I think that the hakooma (government) has been committing these crimes against humanity long enough. Torture has become the modus operandi for the GOE, most especially since the unfortunately unsuccessful attempt on Don Mubarak's life in Ethiopia. So this man might have expressed contempt for the thieves and charlatans that call themselves our government, or perhaps voiced support for Hamas or Hizbullah? Did he hurt anyone? If we discount hurting the President's feelings, probably not. But for his defiance, he was beaten, starved, electrocuted, burned, and otherwise abused until one day, he died. Who is the criminal?

As a friend of mine assured me once, years ago: "the revolution will come".