Saturday, April 24, 2004

Blogs to read..

Among the many comments posted in the recent flurry of visitors, I found these fascinating links:

Bill's Blog has got some fascinating analysis of military activity in Iraq (he calls it "random thoughts", but I find little randomness in his posts). Very concise, and Bill seems very knowledgable in military matters. Some good stuff, and I hope he keeps it up.

Kathryn Cramer's blog is a veritable goldmine of information about the so-called "security contractors" (mercenaries employed by American companies) who now number in the tens of thousands in Iraq. This is a must read!

Friday, April 23, 2004

Strange blogs...

I came across this blog which claims to be Egyptian, and after reading through it with some suprise I decided to write my (probably unwanted) opinion of his work. Please keep in mind that according to Zeyad (see below), I am a "typical example of the brainwashed Arab masses", so you are free to completely disregard my opinion if you so please. As we say in Egypt, "TOZ".

Anyway, Mr. GM of Big Pharoah Actually has me thinking that he is nothing less than a wannabe propagandist fake.

Firstly he is extremely supportive of the American occupation of Iraq. He has made numerous statements implying that American "success" in Iraq is the key to political reformation of Arab countries. He expresses sorrow at news of occupation force military deaths. He even joins the Neocon party line of demonizing Al-Jazeera, actually blaming it for promoting violence.

I will be forthcoming and concede that it is possible for an Egyptian to have such opinions about the American war against Iraq. However if Mr. GM has even a drop of Egyptian blood I would expect him to express at least equal sorrow at news of Iraqi civilians killed by American soldiers. Yet he does not even mention this topic. This total lack of sympathy for the main victims of this war, while making boohoo noises for dead American troops really makes me sneer at my screen when GM declares "now Iraq is everything to me".

Although the net is full of wild-eyed optimists who are drunk with the pipe-dream of the USA giving the world a "free, democratic Iraq", I find that all indications point to a total disaster with no hope of improving as long as the occupation continues. GM wants to talk about a "new power station that employs hundreds of Iraqis", yet at the same time Raed, Salam and Riverbend tell us that the electrical network is only becoming less reliable. As for the violence, it's only getting worse, and sometimes it seems to me that the actions of American forces are deliberately calculated provocations, designed to increase the chaos for some ulterior motive.

With enemies like these, who needs friends?

Thanks to Zeyad, for linking to this blog and directing more traffic to it in 3 days than there was in the last 6 months. His assessment of me is as follows:

"If you want an example of the intelligent yet brain washed masses in the Arab world, this blog is the one for you"