Monday, July 19, 2004

Presidential succession, *yawn*

The most common subject of conversation one encounters these days over dinner is, of course, the supposedly imminent succession of President Mubarak by his son Gamal. The President's recent illness, and the replacement of the stupid Prime Minister and a whole bunch of stupid ministers with a new gang of stupids, has everyone assuming that major change is about to happen.
I've heard wild claims, ranging from Egypt spiralling into a military dictatorship, to some kind of an economic miracle occurring.
I find it endearingly naive when people in Egypt think that the replacement of the President could have any kind of radical influence on life in our great fallen nation. Dear countrymen, Comrade Hosni isn't the problem, YOU are!! If people would begin to stand up and struggle independantly and interdependantly for improvement in all the things which so bother them, and if people would get off their fat asses and learn how to work, our country could feasibly be transformed. However, Egyptians are plagued by laziness, incompetence, illiteracy, narcissism, complacency and apathy. All the qualities in its citizens that a police state could wish for. Although I possess a healthy hatred of our beloved leaders, often I think that the Egyptian people are fully deserving of the pigs that govern them.